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We are a thirty something couple who've been together for 12yrs, have 2 kids and have a fantastic marriage. We started this blog because we don't know any other couple who is as happy and connected as we are and we want to help them and you. People are always telling us their personal woes, and we believe that if you follow our advice regarding your relationship - whether married, single, gay or straight - your relationships with people in general WILL improve.

Top 5 reasons Men don't listen to Women!

Top 5 reasons Men don't listen to Women!

1. Because you talk too much. Plain and simple! Women talk too much. If we quit talking to them every second of every day they'd focus more when we spoke to them.

2. Not enough Sex. If women told men the following: "I will give you a blow job if you take out the trash, clean the bathroom and vacuum." I guarantee you that the house would be clean and your guy would be very happy - so would you, because he listened to you and you didn't have to clean! I bet you that he would even do a good job at cleaning if approached in this manner.

3. Nagging. I can't tell you how many times I've asked my hubby to shut the cabinet doors in the kitchen after opening them. I've banged my head, hips and knees into them for years and have gotten so mad at times that I would shriek at him. I've learned, over the years, to just watch out for those pesky doors & drawers and shut them myself...he's never going to learn and he has stopped listening to me about this "issue" for several years now one ear and out the other. I'm not sure he even knows how to shut a door or drawer to be honest with you. It's like, once they are opened they become invisible.

4. The Computer. Unless you have something more interesting to say than what they are looking at on the computer - good luck!

5. They don't have to. Men pretend not to listen to us all the time. They pretend that they didn't understand something we've said so they aren't held accountable for doing what we've asked of them. They have trained us into thinking that they are either dumb or just inconsiderate. Most women don't even think that men are smart enough to play them. Smarten up ladies and consider this the truth. Men are smarter than we think we just trick ourselves into thinking that we are omnipotent.