Ask the Robinson's

We are a thirty something couple who've been together for 12yrs, have 2 kids and have a fantastic marriage. We started this blog because we don't know any other couple who is as happy and connected as we are and we want to help them and you. People are always telling us their personal woes, and we believe that if you follow our advice regarding your relationship - whether married, single, gay or straight - your relationships with people in general WILL improve.

Top 5 reasons Men don't have babies!

1. They can only focus on one detail at a time. As a "mom" you have to juggle a gazillion things like your family schedule; multiple kids' schedules, work, household stuff, birthdays, etc. If a man were pregnant they would only be able to focus on being pregnant...they wouldn't be able to work, clean, or anything else that women can do.

2. Ouch...which hole would babies come out of? Either way, could you imagine a man trying to give birth? It does make me sort of happy to picture though...sorry fellas

3. Pitty parties. Men like to think that they are super strong and very powerful but I guarantee you that if they experienced what women experience men would be crying all day and night, would watch Lifetime and Oxygen and become basket cases. Any emotional would be put to shame by a pregnant male.

4. The Gas. I mean really, they already have the market on farting...could you imagine how much worse they'd smell if they had more gas caused by pregnancy.

5. Eating. Could you imagine how much food it would take to feed a pregnant male and their cravings? Families would go bankrupt!