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We are a thirty something couple who've been together for 12yrs, have 2 kids and have a fantastic marriage. We started this blog because we don't know any other couple who is as happy and connected as we are and we want to help them and you. People are always telling us their personal woes, and we believe that if you follow our advice regarding your relationship - whether married, single, gay or straight - your relationships with people in general WILL improve.

Toilet Seat up or down?

Isn't this the question that all couples have had at least one discussion about?

When Mr. Robinson and I first starting dating I can't tell you how many times, in the middle of the night, I fell into the toilet. Was this his fault or my own? I have never once believed that it was his responsibility to put the seat down as a courtesy to me nor do I believe that I should put the seat up as a courtesy to him. For 12yrs we have lived in toilet seat harmony because I have never made an issue out of the "up or down" debate. I can see where all the ladies out there feel justified in requiring all the men in their lives (sons are included here) to put the seat down since we (ladies) never use the toilet standing up - if you do then you need some additional help!

Here's the thing: Is this really his responsibility? Don't you think that it is your responsibility to watch where you sit before plopping down? If you have a dog, and know that they poop on the grass out back, aren't you careful where you step when venturing in their territory? You bet! It would be your own fault if you stepped in doody because you weren't watching where you were walking. The same is true in this instance.

Also, your guy(s) has to lift the seat every time he pees (hopefully). I bet that he never complains about having to do this...he just does it!

I implore all the ladies out there to pee responsibly and pick your battles... Who knows, if you are still trying to get your guy to put the toilet paper roll on the dispenser maybe you can take all the energy from the toilet seat battle and apply it to a different "issue" that you have a chance at winning.

Good luck!


Mrs. Robinson